Arkeia Network Backup for WD Sentinel DX4000 Users

Western Digital has teamed up with Arkeia’s network backup software to provide a more feature-rich data-protection solution for larger SMB customers using the WD Sentinel™ DX4000.

WD Sentinel DX4000 Front

The information was released in a press release by WD, of which is the following excerpt:

Arkeia Network Backup v10.0 enables hybrid cloud backups by allowing administrators to combine physical media and Internet transport to replicate backup sets to or from remote cloud storage. Leveraging Arkeia’s advanced Progressive Deduplication technology, Arkeia Network Backup v10.0 permits SMB organizations to protect large data volumes in the cloud without incurring high monthly bandwidth charges. By allowing large backup sets to be moved on physical media and small backup sets to be sent over the wire, Arkeia makes it practical to replicate backup sets from a LAN to remote cloud storage for an inexpensive, tape-free alternative to off-site backup and recovery. More information can be found at: www.wd.com and www.arkeia.com.

The full release can be read here.

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