Smart Restore for Amazon Glacier with CloudBerry Backup

The latest release of CloudBerry Backup v 3.2 has Smart Restore functionality built in for Amazon Glacier, which allows you to manage your data restore in an intelligent way:

When you run a Restore Wizard for Glacier and select the data to restore it will estimate the total restore size and the associated costs. It will also allow you to allocate data restore to run for a number of hours to stay within a selected budget. This way you can significantly reduced your restore costs. We have designed a Glacier Smart Restore  step of the Restore Wizard.  On this step you can specify your peak retrieval rate in MB. 

Cloudberry Backup Glacier Smart Restore

After it is setup, the restore will run in the background retrieving the portions of data every hour. You can then monitor the restore progress on the Restore Plans tab within CloudBerry Backup.

More information on CloudBerry WHS Backup can be found here.

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