New HP N54L MicroServer On the Way

It seems an update to the HP Proliant MicroServer is on the way.

HP ProLiant MicroServer

Two new versions have been spotted on the web, with the model number of N54L. One version offers a 250GB hard drive whilst the other is diskless. The diskless model ships with 4GB RAM, whilst the second ships with only 2GB RAM on board.

Both have the AMD Athlon NEO processor running at 2.2GHz.It’s a massive CPU bump. The original N36L was 1.3GHz whilst the N40L is 1.5GHz.

  • 704941-421 MicroServer AMD Athlon NEO N54L (2200-2M) Dual Core 2GB, 250GB NHP SATA
  • 708245-425 MicroServer AMD Athlon NEO N54L (2200-2M) Dual Core 4GB, Diskless NHP SATA

The 704941-421 version is listed as $491 CAD, whilst the 708245-425 version is listed as $444 CAD.

UPDATE: The two models are now showing up on HP’s UK site for £269 ex VAT and £309 ex VAT respectively.

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