How To Rejoin a Client Computer to WS 2012 Essentials

If you are using WS2012 Essentials you may experience a problem when trying to rejoin a client computer to a WSE 2012 Domain:

The NETBIOS name of the client computer was left the same and the client could communicate with the server in order to download the connector software but the connector installation would fail with the error message, “Cannot connect this computer to the network: An unexpected error has occurred. For more information, See troubleshoot connecting computers to the server”, which is not very helpful when trying to trouble shoot. For each workstation or server that is a member of a domain, there is a secure channel with a domain controller. The secure channel’s password is stored along with the computer account on all domain controllers. If, for some reason, the computer account’s password and the LSA secret are not synchronized, the Net logon service will log an error.

WS2012e Active Directory Users and Computers

Thankfully the following post explains two ways of fixing this problem, which you can find here.

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