Add-In: iHomeServer (for iTunes) v2.2.23.0

The v2 BETA build of iHomeServer (for iTunes) has had an update.

iHomeServer 2 - Watch Folder View

Version can be downloaded from here.

The current features being tested in the pre-release versions include:

• Internet metadata lookups from The Movie DB, The TV DB.com and tagChimp
• Auto-tagging of movies in watch folders (optional)
• Rapid Auto-tagging of TV series – easy to tag all episodes of a series
• Start iTunes interactively from the WHS console
• Caching Playlists is now much faster (typically seconds unless library is huge)
• Help file – in progress – DRAFT
• Performance optimisations to reduce locked iTunes
• Support for large fonts
• Date added field added to iTunes View tab
• Increased timeout on trying to start iTunes (40 attempts vs 15)
• Changing login credentials didn’t work reliably, fixed.
• Support for large fonts
• Settings form is now tabbed
• Added iTunes keep alive ping every 30 minutes
• Added Force Genre to Watch Folders
• Bug fix: Fixed regression of TV dialog in (thanks Robbert)
• Client code-base refactored ready for multi-lingual UI
• Modified keep alive ping to add a dummy URL then immediately remove it
• Bug fix: Fixed Settings control – wasn’t launching right Dialog when pressing ‘Change Credentials’
• Bug fix: force metadata language to English if not set
• Keep alive function removed – no evidence it helped
• TheMovieDb.com handler updated to API v3 (was API v2.1)
• First cut of Dutch UI translation
• Dutch and Japanese UI v0.2 translation
• Bug fix: Improved layout of forms for localizations
• Bug fix: Added setting track number and removed autosetting Episode ID in TV series AutoTag
• Feature: Added option to get a reason for a Failed file import – right click and select ‘Check track with QuickTime’
• Bug fix: Some translations were not working properly fixed; Settings button might select wrong add-in on WHSv1
• Bug fix: Minor Japanese translation fix
• Optimisation: Stop bulk iTunes updates from affecting GUI performance / AirPlay hanging
• Optimisation: Don’t force a rescan when a file is updated from within iHomeServer itself
• Bug fix: Don’t reset the Playlist view when you switch tabs within iHomeServer
• Bug fix: Minor Japanese translation fix; added delay of 5 seconds if file write time is in past 5 seconds (was previously on modifies only)
• Bug fix: First cut German translation added; TV AutoTag Algorithm improvements; 5 second recent-file window increased to 15 seconds
• Bug fix: Configurable recent-write-delay; Movie AutoTag improvements (customisable word skip list); fixed interactive launch of iTunes when using non-default directories
• Feature: Added French translation
• Bug fix: Minor fixes to French translation; Fix for intermittent issue where episode / season number not updated after AutoTagging
• Feature: Added support for Movie/TV content ratings (with multiple content rating systems) – both in the metadata editor and AutoTag
• Feature: Added support for HD flag – both in the metadata editor and AutoTag
• Feature: Added support for extended iTunes properties (iTunMOVI), eg cast, director, producer, screenwriter – both in the metadata editor and AutoTag
• Bug fix: Dutch and French translation fixes
• Bug fix: Sometimes deleting a track from iTunes view would not remove the track from the console
• Bug fix: Bug fixes for tracking playlist modifications improved; fixed TMDBv3 handler if no release date; allow refresh of cover art if iTunes has moved file
• Bug fix: Bug fix – some users receive "Please wait while playlists are cached…’ indefinitely if they have duplicate persistent IDs in their playlists; fixed
• Feature: Support for Windows Server 2012 Essentials added
• Feature: Added support for automatically setting cover art if a Watch Folder contains folder.jpg or folder.png (Watch Folder setting)
• Bug fix: Fixed metadata tagging for files with extended characters (eg umlauts)
• Bug fix: Fixed German ratings text
• Bug fix: Allows forward-compatibility with .Net 4 and .Net 4.5
• Bug fix: Truncate most metadata fields to 256 characters because otherwise metadata changes may not save
• Bug fix: Some movies from TheMovieDB return genres with null ids – this hung metadata searching
• Bug fix: Video file types were not being set for files that were automatically added to iTunes
• Bug fix: Video file types were not being set for files that were automatically added to iTunes; refix

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