What’s New in StableBit DrivePool 1.2.1 BETA

Version 1.2.1 BETA of StableBit DrivePool includes a complete rewrite of file size tracking which is faster and more accurate.

StableBit DrivePool 1.2.1 BETA Measuring

To fill us in the guys behind StableBit DrivePool have a blog post on this latest beta release:

DrivePool 1.2.1 BETA is purely a nuts and bolts release.

No new functionality has been added from the user’s perspective, but it is still a very important release because it makes some fundamental improvements in the reliability and performance of real-time file size tracking, which is the backbone of the new balancing system introduced in DrivePool 1.2.

The complete post including inside information on what is coming up next for StableBit DrivePool can be found here.

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