Video: ReFS and Storage Spaces

The Channel 9 network have a video on Windows Server 2012 File System Enhancements which takes a look at ReFS and Storage Spaces.

ReFS and Storage Spaces Video

For those of you using or thinking of using WS2012 Essentials then the part of this video on Storage Spaces is worth a view:

Windows Server 2012 introduces two important new features, Storage Spaces and the Resilient File System (ReFS), that empower customers to build resilient, scalable, available, and high performance storage solutions. Storage Spaces delivers powerful platform-based enterprise storage capabilities enabling utilization of cost-effective commodity storage hardware for business critical application deployments. ReFS maximizes data availability and online operation, despite errors that would historically cause data loss or downtime. Both of these can help build greater resiliency and data integrity to ensure that business-critical data is protected from errors and available when needed, using commodity hardware. In this session learn how Windows Server 2012 maintains the highest levels system availability and reliability providing a full end-to-end resilient architecture for ReFS when used in conjunction with Storage Spaces to magnify the capabilities and reliability of one another. This sessions includes demos of these technologies and uses real-world customer deployments to discuss how to deploy commodity storage hardware to build a cost-effective, resilient, and scalable storage platform.

You can find this 57 minute video here.

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