Add-In: Drive Bender for WHS 2011 v1.3.5.0

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Drive Bender for WHS 2011 has had an update.

Version contains some updates and fixes from the v2 development branch.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Bug fix: User security can have issues with some extended characters.
  • Bug fix: Removing a user from the user security list could fail.
  • Bug fix: The "file in use" detection could fail in some circumstances (resulting in a number of internal file conflict issues).
  • Update: Health monitor scanning time has been improved.
  • Update: Better handling of files moving between duplicated and non-duplicated folders.
  • Bug fix: Under some conditions, creating a folder can fail.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a number of reparse point issues.
  • Added: Added additional reparse support. This is disabled by default, for more information, see http://support.drivebender.com/entries/21522563-folder-link-support.
  • Update: Performance improvement when reading / writing large numbers of small files.
  • Bug fix: The client duplication window can crash on occasions.
  • Update: Much improved duplication feedback and the addition of duplication tools to improve management.
  • Update: When a license expires, the pool no longer shuts down, it now switches to read-only mode after an hour.
  • Update: Improved IO error handling and logging.
  • Update: Duplication processing speed has been vastly improved on large folder.
  • Bug fix: The release license request option now checks for the trial key before proceeding.
  • Bug fix: Some special characters can per vent files being renamed.
  • Update: All dashboards now support mouse scrolling.
  • Update: The client interface is now faster loading and more responsive on low end systems.
  • Added: Option to disable Windows AutoPlay for drive letter mount points.

More details on Drive Bender  are available from here.

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