Open Source alternatives to Windows Home Server

bit-tech.net has a 5 page listing of open source alternatives to Windows Home Server.

Most Features of WHS can be Easily Duplicated

Most Features of WHS can be Easily Duplicated – But would you want too?

It takes a look at OpenMediaVault and VortexBox for Media Streaming. FreeNAS and Openfiler for file sharing. Nagios for host health monitoring and for centralised backup Areca Backup, Amanda Community Edition and Bacula are taken a look at.

Its an informative list (you traitors!) which you can find here.

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  1. Illrigger says:

    Ugh – FreeNAS. In my experience there is no faster way to end up losing every file on your system and have no easy way to recover.

    I am a bit surprised to see Amahi not on the list, but since it went “Freemium”, a lot of the pure Open Source guys have turned their noses up to it. For the casual user, it does a really nice job for very little effort, however – even if you don’t pay for their subscription fees.

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