Add-In: In: StableBit DrivePool v1.1.0.6326v1.1.0.6326


StableBit DrivePool the Drive Extender type add-in for WHS 2011 users has been released as a release final (out of beta), and includes the following changes:

  • Final release build.
  • Major new items since last release (1.0.1):
    – Improved read striping algorithm.
    – Network I/O prioritization for smoother streaming video.
    – Fast drive removal (option) for setups with many duplicated folders.
    – Improved balancing algorithm which will actively keep drives from getting full.
    – Many CoveFS changes / fixes, including an overhauled buffering and an updated locking model.

More information on StableBit DrivePool and what it can do for you is available from here.

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