Add-In: StableBit Scanner v2.0.0.2245 BETA

StableBit Scanner has been updated to version BETA with SMART improvements and other fixes.

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Here’s the change log:

  • Rewrote raising / hiding WSS notifications.
  • Fixed columns not being saved.
  • Added new ‘Age’ column to main screen.
  • Fixed UI issues, including removed disks lingering after they were removed.
  • Enabled SMART health links on main summary panel.
  • BitFlock <-> Scanner integration is now via. Azure.
  • A new type of SMART warning based on advisory attributes. This includes a new type of ignore rule for such warnings.
    The ignore rule will be generated automatically when you choose to ignore this new type of warnings.
  • Revamped the SMART window to show all the new BitFlock detail.
    * Each attribute is now monitored in more than one way, and you can visually inspect how by clicking on it.
    * BitFlock attribute descriptions are now shown.
  • Added new BitFlock group identifier.
  • Added new BitFlock attribute types.
  • Added new BitFlock interpretation formats.
  • BitFlock has been massively updated with new data and new health rules.

More information on StableBit Scanner can be found here.

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