Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v1.0.2.6278 BETA

StableBit DrivePool has been updated with a small folder details update and other fixes.


Version BETA has the following changes:

  • Sometimes VDS was being queried too often.
  • After removing a drive, sometimes a full duplication pass was scheduled. This is not necessary unless you specified to duplicate later in the remove wizard.
  • When DrivePool creates new partitions, it will now properly align them on sector / cylinder boundaries.
    This was a problem when formatting advanced format disks and was caused by a bug in one of the Windows APIs (IVdsPack::CreateVolume).
  • Added option to switch the unit type of the file distribution bars on the folder detail panel.
         3 unit types:
            * By Bytes
            * By Disk Usage Percent
            * By Percent of Shared Files
         Not shown for folders stored on a single disk.

More details can be found on the DrivePool Development BETA Wiki.

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