StableBit DrivePool Utilities Available

StableBit have published a wiki page on utilities which are available for StableBit DrivePool.


The two utilities currently available are Windows Server Solutions Troubleshooter and DrivePool Command Utility.

The Windows Server Solutions Troubleshooter is a wizard what automates fixes to the WSS system and supports the following tasks:

  • Media Streaming Repair – Use this when you are having trouble seeing audio / video that is set to stream from the server. You should also run this when you see duplicate media files.
  • Restore DrivePool Shares – Use this after re-installing the operating system, and you have an existing pool connected to the system. Folders on the pool will be automatically re-shared.

The second util is DrivePool Command Utility which lets you work with the pool using a command line with the following commands:

  • SetDuplicationCount – Sets the duplication count on any folder. Can be used on non-shared folders and also with duplication counts that are greater than 2.

You can download both of these from the StableBit DrivePool Utilities wiki page.

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