Add-In: StableBit Scanner for WHS 2011 v2. BETA

StableBit Scanner for WHS 2011 has been updated to version BETA

StableBit Scanner Icon

This major update to the file scan and recovery engine has the following changes:

  • Cleaned up some excessive memory consumption in the service while scanning disk surface.
  • Save selected sector size.
  • Added file scan and recovery engine.
        * When a disk has bad sectors on it, an option will become available to scan for damaged files as a result of the on-disk damage. You will then be able to select one or more damaged files and attempt recovery to an external location.
        * The file scan and recovery engine from Scanner 1.0 was cleaned up, optimized and extended to support GPT disks and batch file recovery.
        * A brand new UI for file scan and recovery that does away with the old Wizard interface.
        * Damaged on-disk entities are listed as the file scan progresses in real-time.
        * You can attempt recovery for one or more damaged NTFS files.
  • Updated all UI controls to the latest versions.
  • Added per-disk maximum temperature override.
  • Disabled SAT for non-USB drives by default. Enable unsafe mode to use (.config).

More information on this advanced hard disk surface scanner and monitor add-in can be found here.

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