Add-In: CloudBerry Backup for WHS v2.8

CloudBerry Backup for WHS has been updated to version 2.8

CloudBerry Backup for WHS automates data backup directly to Amazon S3, Windows Azure and other cloud storage providers.

This latest version offers the following new enhancements:

The ability to store backup plan configuration in the cloud. CloudBerry customers now can export their backup plans settings to the cloud storage and use them to restore when needed and/or deploy the same settings across multiple machines.

CloudBerry Backup for WHS Stored Backup Plans

More info http://blog.cloudberrylab.com/2012/05/cloudberry-backup-store-backup-plan.html 

A new security enhancement that allows encrypting files and folders names that in some cases can reveal highly confidential information and must be strongly protected.

CloudBerry Backup for Encrypt Filenames


A French language has been added to over a dozen languages we supported already.

More information on CloudBerry Backup for WHS (v1, 2011 and SBS 2011)  can be found here.

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