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Paul Thurrott from the Supersite For Windows says replace Windows Home Server with Windows 8.

Paul looks at the similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Home Server in various areas including data redundancy and a single pool of storage, PC backup and restore, server health monitoring, remote access and media sharing.

While Windows Home Server fans such as myself are stressing over the possibility that Microsoft will cancel this solution, it occurs to me that the future needn’t be so uncertain: Windows 8 provides virtually all of the features that make WHS special, while overcoming the issues that made a server in the home a nonstarter for most.

A read for all Home Server enthusiasts, which you can find here.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Is this a foretaste of things to come? No more WHS?

  2. milesm says:

    An interesting analysis.

    How would the different users acquire their own identity and storage area in Windows 8 and be able to access their storage areas simultaneously?

    How would we see existing WHS hardware setups being adapted for use as a Windows 8 ‘server’, being headless, multi-HDD devices?

  3. JW Fisher says:

    “Paul Thurrott from the Supersite For Windows says replace Windows Home Server with Windows 8.”

    That’s NOT what he is saying at all. He IS NOT telling us to replace WHS. But he does see a possibility for a future path here in the unlikely scenario where MS cancels WHS. And if you read some of his other posts you’ll see some other trends such as the new file system in Server 8 that might be part of a future version of WHS.

  4. wout says:

    With the news that Media Center will be an aplication in the app store, it is possible WHS will be turned into an addon for win 8. combining both would then finally allow TV-recording on the server side.

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