Important Storage Issues in Windows Server "8" Beta

Windows Server 8 Beta Storage Solutions

Microsoft have issued the following important issues for Windows Server "8" Beta regarding Storage, and in particular Storage Spaces the technology which is similar to what Drive Extender was on version 1 of Windows Home Server:

  • Failover clusters might become unresponsive if you use them with storage pools that contain virtual disks, such as storage spaces, that use the parity storage layout (also known as resiliency type). Do not use failover clusters with virtual disks that use the parity layout. If this has already occurred, restart any affected cluster nodes and remove the storage pool that contains the relevant virtual disk from the cluster, including all virtual disks contained by the storage pool.
  • Attempts to remove a physical disk that hosts any part of a storage space from a storage pool will fail. There is no workaround at this time. If this has already occurred, back up the data, delete the storage spaces that are using the drive, remove the drive, recreate the storage spaces, and then restore the data.
  • If an application consumes all of the capacity of a storage pool by writing to a thinly provisioned storage space, the application might pause indefinitely. To avoid this, ensure that you provide at least as much available pool capacity as data you that intend to store in it. If the storage pool has already become full, restart the computer, add more physical disks (drives) to the storage pool, and then continue using the storage space.
  • If you configure the Resilient File System to use the integrity feature for user data, disable the integrity feature on any VHD or VHDx files and the directories where they will be located; otherwise the files will not mount. In addition, disable the integrity feature on any files or directories associated with apps that already provide integrity.

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