Add-In: PerfectDisk 12.5 SP3 Build 310

PerfectDisk 12.5 SP3 (Build 310) for Client and Console has been released.

PerfectDisk 12 Home Server

Here’s the change log:


  1. Fixed ability to schedule Exchange datastore compaction.
  2. Fixed “Invalid parameter / namespace” defragmentation errors.
  3. Fixed testing of connection to an Exchange server.
  4. Fixed algorithm for determining thin provisioned drives in Hyper-V Guest.
  5. Fixed incorrect dumping of registry keys in PD support information.
  6. Fixed an error in setting exclusion periods via Group Policy.
  7. Fixed detection of drive types for attached iSCSI disks in Virtual Guest (vSphere and Hyper-V).
  8. Added logging of errors when communicating with Exchange 2010 servers to the application event log.
  9. Improved refreshing of drive type in Virtual Guest when Virtual Awareness setting is enabled/disabled.


  1. Fixed several issues when pushing a Configuration Profile to clients.
  2. Fixed saving of database data retention parameters.
  3. Fixed usage of proxy settings during client deployment.
  4. Fixed pushing of Configuration Profile during client deployment.
  5. Improved GUI in PD client deployment wizard.
  6. Allow display, assignment and deployment of Schedules, Configuration Profiles and License Keys to both PD12.5 and PD12.0 clients.

You can wait for an autoupdate or check for updates by running PerfectDisk, clicking Help and then selecting Check for Updates to immediately update to this latest release.

More details on PerfectDisk Home Server can be found here.

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  1. Mikmock says:

    After reading the previous article about v12.5 being available for Windows Home Server I attempted to upgrade my WHS 2011 to v12.5. I had already received emails from Raxco explaining that a complete download of 12.5 was required as well as a new Activation Key. This upgrade was only for the standalone versions of PD12 Pro and PD12 Pro for Networks.

    Since i could not find anything on v12.5 for Windows Home Server I email tech support and they advised me that v12.5 for WHS did not exist. Now this post reflects SP3 (Build 310)which is again only for the “Pro” and “Pro for Networks” versions.

    Am I missing something or are you running the “Pro for Networks” version on a Home Server? There seems to be alot of improvements in v12.5 and since the v12 for WHS doesn’t even install as an add-on(no .wssx file) I’m thinking maybe running “Pro for Networks” would be a better option.
    Any information would be appreciated

    • DJJones says:

      @Mikmock: you right, there are no 12.5 for WHS. Information given by Raxco support:
      Thank you for contacting support.

      I regret to inform you that PerfectDisk 12.5 was not released for Windows Home Server. Please continue using PefectDisk 12.0.290 for Windows Home Server machines.


      Per your email, you are inquiring about WHS upgrade. At this time, there is no upgrade for WHS. The upgrade was only for the client. However, if and when we release an upgrade you will be notified immediately.

      So, there are no PD 12.5 for WHS at all.


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