Stream from WHS to an iPad using Air Video

PC Doc on his blog "The Doc’s World" has an article on using Air Video to stream content from your Home server.

In his article the PC Doc explains how to setup the application on a iPhone, iPad or iTouch and explains how to install and setup the software on Windows Home Server too.

Air Video Server Settings

Air Video is an application for iPhone/iPad/iTouch that works extremely well for streaming directly from a local computer/server, and stream to your portable device. The PC/MAC is used for real-time transcoding and basically pulls content from your computer/server shares and streams it across your house as well as through the broadband connection. If the file is in an MP4 format, it will stream natively without the need to convert the format, although based on your network speed, still may transcode to lower the resolution. If however you have an MKV file for example, it will transcode the format real time as it streams it to you over your network or the internet.

You can read PC Doc’s full article here.

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