Riley Home Server Price Reductions

Tranquil PC have announced that since hard drive prices have started to drop slightly following the flooding of hard drive factories in Thailand that they are reflecting this decrease in their product pricing:

The Riley (Home Server) Storage Unit prices have been reduced, ie the 4TB unit has seen a £150 price reduction, the 8TB a £200 price reduction, and the 12TB SU12 (no previous price) is now listed at £869 – which is excellent value for a RAID protected 4x HDD appliance that is not only beautiful, but near silent too (no fans).

Plus if you order at the same time a Riley Server + Storage box combo there is FURTHER £99+VAT saving to be made, if ordered with the following coupon code N114R5Y0UPZ. But hurry as this code expires in early January.

Reiley Server Unit

More details on the SU (Storage Units) can be found here.

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