G Data Internet Security for Home Server

G Data Internet Security for Home Server protects both version 1 of Windows Home Server and WHS 2011 and up to 5 connected PCs.

G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer Box

Protection is controlled centrally on the home server and is completely transparent on the PCs connected to it. The G Data Internet Security for Home Server includes a AntiVirus, Firewall, AntiSpam and AntiPhishing.

G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer - WHS 2011

Here are the full details:

Award-winning technology

  • Award-winning virus detection thanks to two virus scanner modules
  • Secure protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, diallers, Trojans, adware and other riskware
  • Instant protection against new viruses: email and web-based CloudSecurity blocks infected emails or websites in real time
  • Integrated rootkit blocker / special module for discovering rootkits

G Data ManagementServer

  • Easy setup: installation, virus scan, updates, settings and reports are remotely controlled using the home server
  • Seamless integration into the Microsoft HomeServer 2011 console
  • Automatic distribution of updates in the network
  • Also central administration of clients that are not always connected to the home server (notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs)

G Data AntiVirus and AntiSpam client

  • „Invisible“ client protection in the background, including for computers that are not permanently connected to the home server.
  • Mail protection for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla and POP3 / IMAP mail clients
  • CloudSecurity: Instant protection against new viruses and spam
  • Fully functional when working offline
  • If desired, independent settings and virus scans on the client are possible

G Data Firewall client

  • Remotely controlled installation and configuration
  • Simple administration using individual learnable access rules on the client
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections
  • Blocks and reports DoS attacks, port scans and much more.
  • Four security levels or expert mode
  • Invisible stealth mode

G Data Internet Security for Home Server is priced at $99 (£99) and includes a one-year licence for 5 PCs with hourly virus signature updates, software updates and version upgrades.

More details are available from here.

Thanks to WeGotServed for the details.

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