Create an FTP Site on WHS 2011

If you would like to create an FTP site on WHS 2011 then this is a video for you.

The BYOB Podcast guys go through the basic Steps for creating an FTP site on Windows Home Server 2011.

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  1. Tom Grundy says:


    Wish I would have seen this before I set up my FTP site. What wold make your presetation far better would be a project preview prior to this Video.

    Your video covers the WHS 2011 set up but for most Home Servers are going to struggle without understanding:

    What are the server side requirments:
    – Setting up User Access in WHS
    – Adding the FTP Roll in IIS
    – Adding IIS Users

    What to avoid!
    – FTP isolation etc

    Setting up your router
    – Setting up NAT in the Router (UPNP notwithstanding)
    – Opening port 21 (covered)

    Setting up a Domain name DyDNS

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