Add-In: Drive Bender Beta 2 of the Tomcat Release

Beta 2 of the Tomcat release of Drive Bender has just been released.

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Release v1.2.3.5 beta (2012-01-14) has the following changes:

  • Bug fix: The pool could lockup under certain conditions (issue is caused by the named (alternate) stream support previously introduced, as a result this has been removed for the time being).
  • Bug fix: BSOD could occur on systems running MSE.
  • Update: The health monitor has been improved and now sleeps after each scan (currently this sleep time is 96 hours).
  • Update: The pool file count meta-data is now persisted across reboots.
  • Update: Client / server security has been introduced. This feature uses the Windows authentication system.
  • Update: Client / server networking is now fully encrypted using AES.
  • Update: Folder time stamping has been improved and now works as per the NTFS spec.

Download the Windows version
Download the WHS version
Download the client version

Important notes regarding this beta.

  1. To install on a system running v1.2.2.2 (or earlier), simply install over the top of the existing installation.
  2. If you experience an issues with this beta and wish to go back to v1.2.2.2, you are able to install v1.2.2.2 straight over the top of this beta.

More details on Drive Bender can be found here.

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