Exclusive: Revo Center RC111 Availability Update

Acer provided the Aspire easyStore for version 1 of Windows Home Server and announced the Revo Center RC111 for WHS 2011 back in January. Ever since the Home Server community has been waiting for the hardware to appear.

Acer RevoCenter RC111

Now for some good and and some not so good news. The Revo Center RC111 is available in Japan from today for approx $500 but Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will not be getting the RC111 at all. An insider for Acer told us the following:

Since Microsoft dropped the support for drive extender from VAIL, we have decided not to offer this product in EMEA any longer.

As for America still no details on pricing or availability but we have been told the following:

We still have some quantities on the previous generation Home Server that needs to be digested before we launch the new sever

So hopefully we are now better informed on the situation regarding the Revo Center RC111.

Well done Japan, sorry EMEA and America you will just have to wait a bit longer – Sorry!

You can download a RevoCenter datasheet from here.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Just mark them down to $99 and you’ll hvae no inventory left.

  2. Stefan says:

    When does the Revocenter comes to Germany? Do you know it?

  3. As the post states the Revocenter will not be coming to Europe.

  4. Nick Hjorth says:

    WTF, this can’t be true, i want this device so bad, my EasyStore H342 was dead on arrival and i could not get at new one since acer stopped producing them, so i was wating for the revocenter, and now they won’t release it in europe.. 🙁

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