Microsoft Forefront Client Security works on WHS 2011

As you may be aware Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) does now work with Windows Home Server 2011, but the second best thing does. Microsoft Forefront Client Security which also does heuristics based scanning works fine but the installer file can be hard to locate.

Forefront UI Running On WHS2011

To make life easier for you here is a Download/Install/Update Guide for installing Microsoft Forefront Client Security on WHS 2011 and a accompanying video too.

Thanks to Alexander Kent for the heads up on this article.

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  1. Justin How says:

    This will not work with FEP 2010. It only works with the old FEP v1.

  2. Justin How says:

    In fact the video is very misleading at best.
    It shows FEP 2010 on MSDN subs with an ISO name including 612261 and then clearly shows the extracted folder with a different name with dates of files from 2007/2008 – obviously not FEP 2010. The directory structure is quite different and you get error messages when trying to run the msi directly for FEP 2010.

  3. TheBeagle says:

    Hello Philip,

    Please check the wording of the first sentence in this piece. It presently read “does now …” but I believe that it may have been intended to read “does NOT …”

  4. Justin How says:

    You missed my point.
    The 2nd video shown above is titled “Microsoft Forefront Client Security 2010 Now works with…”
    It starts of by showing the downloading of FEP 2010 and then actually shows the installation of FEP v1, not FEP 2010 which will not install on WHS 2011.
    I think the owner has now removed it to avoid confusion – I suggest the link here is dropped,

  5. eric says:

    I have installed Forefront on WHS 2011. However I receive the following error on a regular basis “Microsoft Forefront Client Security encountered an error:0x800703eb. Cannot complete this function.” Does any on have any idea why?

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