Windows Home Server works great with Windows 8

Its great news to hear that Windows Home Server both v1 and the 2011 version both support Windows 8 just fine.


If you have tried Windows 8 with Home Server, what have been your experiences backing up Windows 8 to your Windows Home Server?

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  1. diehard says:

    I think there might be an issue with the user accounts and permissions to shared folders. Windows 8 allows you to use your Windows Live account ID. If your Windows Live account does not meet the WHS password complexity then you will have issues accessing your shares.

    You would be able to access the shares if the shares access are set to guest and read/write.

    You can still do PC backups/restore.

  2. Barry says:

    Sorry, but Windows 8 does not work well with Windows Home Server 2011. During the BUILD conference launching Windows 8, a big emphasis was placed upon how great Windows 8 was with UEFI boot – and it is (incidentally, so is Windows 7).
    However, Windows Home Server will not backup and restore a client that boots using UEFI. Until we get a WHS2011 Service Pack or patch that fixes this, it is not fair to say it “works great”

  3. lt says:

    I have the HP Ex-490 (HomeServer v1) nd are generally really appy With it. Lately I have installed several Win8s; a couple on VHD, and 2 on-the-iron installations – none of them are able to Complete WHS-backup. Error Messages are always: “An error occurred Reading or writing from Your computer’s hard drive. C:”
    So, as far as my experience goes, Win8 does not work well With Home Server (v1)

    • lt says:

      I reinstalled my HomeServer this weekend because of a faulty main (OS) disk (not recommended for the faint of heart).
      To my surprise Windows 8 backups started working after rejoining with the new Server!

      So I have to scrap my previous notice – Now Windows 8 works just as well as Windows 7 with Home Server v1

      I am appy again 🙂

      • Boggy says:

        Have you tried to to recover the windows 8 clients by any chance? If you did, where you successful? I personally backed up and recover Vista Windows 7 (64) XP on WHS v1. Works great, but one needs to have 32 bit drivers for recovery (WHS is the 32 bit OS).

  4. Fuzzy John says:

    I installed the WHS v1 console on an older Gateway M275 tablet running Windows 8 Developer Preview. The console installed without any issues and I have access to all shares.
    However I cannot open any backups. They fail at 81% and say that the virtual disk Z: is not formatted.
    I haven’t tried to run a backup yet.

  5. odrasil says:

    I used to have Windows 8 Developer Preview and WHS v1 was working fine. Today upgrade/clean install Consumer Preview and can’t install the WHS connector…. any ideas?

  6. odrasil have you tried the steps here:
    Although they are for WHS 2011, they may also work with v1.

    • odrasil says:

      That solution is for WHS 2011 not v1. On the other hand after installing Windows 8 Release Preview, the connector worked as usual.


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  8. Tony says:

    I managed to install the connector on Windows 8 with a registry fix but backups to WHS2011 keep failing …

    • Miguel says:

      Odd, i had no issues installing the connector at all (Win-8 x64), also backups work fine, everything does.

      Though i have not tried a full Client bare-metal restore yet.

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