Installing WHS V1 on the HP ProLiant MicroServer

If you are planning to install version 1 of Windows Home Server on a HP ProLiant MicroServer then DO NOT use one of the modded bios that speeds up the ODD port (CD Drive Bay) before installation.

HP ProLiant MicroServer ODD

Due to the ACHI/IDE mode of the SATA controller you have to change in and out of IDE mode to complete the installation which will NOT work if you mod the bios beforehand as you will get a blue screen error message after the first boot.

If you are currently using a modded bios and want to install v1, then first revert back to the latest original HP bios, install version 1 of WHS, get everything setup and then you can re-flash a modded bios to speed up the ODD port if you are planning to use it to connect a hard drive.

For a great guide on installing version 1 of Windows Home Server on the HP ProLiant MicroServer, then follow Stanza’s post here on the Australian Overclockers Forum

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