Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3874


StableBit DrivePool has been updated to version with the following changes:

  • Correct NTFS permissions on the ServerPoolPart folder and the . (volume root) folder, if they’re broken.
  • Server backup disks cannot be part of the pool.
  • When moving folders, if a folder cannot be moved because of an access denied error (NTFS permissions don’t allow it), then reset the NTFS permissions instead of aborting.
  • When pool was being balanced, tooltip said "Balanced".
  • Fixed handle leak for security tokens.
  • Added new DrivePool performance features (see new DrivePool Settings dialog for more info):
        * [D] Direct I/O
        * [D] Fast I/O
        * [D] Read striping
        * [D] Fast directory listing (not enabled yet)
        * [D] Fast I/O write
        * Parallel execution limit

More info on StableBit DrivePool can be found here.

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