Testers Required with a Windows Phone 7 and WHS 2011

Beta testers are required to help test file:recon, the piece of software which gives you control over all the features of the WHS 2011 Server Transfer-Manager add-in, which enables you to make your Home Server the central transfer station for all your up and download needs.

File Recon Transfers Down

So if you have a copy of either Windows Home Server 2011 or Small Business Server 2011 with Server Transfer-Manager installed on it and you also possess a Windows Phone 7 then your feedback is required.

All the details are here.

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  1. Fleon says:

    I wish this were available on WHSv1. I finally got around to trying out WHS2011 and … well… it’s pretty crappy.

  2. welchwerks says:

    File xfer , this out to be a fun beta

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