AVA Media Video Transcoder for V1 Free

Tranquil PC are offering the AVA Media Add In for WHS V1 users for free.

AVA Media Video Transcoder Settings

The add-in is useful for transcoding ripped video discs to a format suited for streaming to DLNA devices, such as a DLNA TV, PS3, Apple TV etc is very simple to use, and just requires the user to point to a source folder and one or two (new) targets. The first target is normally for DNLA devices (ie original screen format), and the second if selected could be used for Apple TV.

Once conversion is done you can delete the original film (folder). Do note that if the server is re-started half way through a transcode, then that film will not be completed, neither will the film be processed at a later time.

To get the Add-in, send an email to AVAVIDTRANS@ixlspc.com and within a few minutes you should get back an email with a download link, and although Tranquil do not ask for any payment, they do welcome any donations to their chosen charity MacMillan – and they welcome you to send a small PayPal donation to pp@tranquilpc.co.uk

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  1. Michael Weldon says:

    I just submitted a 2nd request for the AVA Media add in for WHS 1. Hopefully this time I’ll get a reply… 1st request got NADA!

  2. Michael Weldon says:

    Still Nothing on 2nd request…!!! Anyone? Anyone???

  3. Michael Weldon says:

    I wrote directly to Tranquil and received this reply this morning:

    Thank you for your email. We had experienced a slight delay in sending the responses out for this due to a technical fault – you should now however have received the email along with a large number of other customers.

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