Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3785


Two updates for StableBit DrivePool over the last few days. First was build 3717 with the following changes:

  • Changed expiration policy to allow read access to the pool even if expired.
  • Set permissions directly on the pool, avoid auto-propagation.
  • Do not use thread pool to propagate permissions.
  • Fixed some critical errors that were shutting the service down unexpectedly.

Next is build 3785 which now allows you to put your backups on the pool, allowing you to backup as much as you want with no space limits:

  • Fixed rare but critical race condition in read / write I/O.`
  • Extended expiration by another 30 days (10/1/2011).
  • Do not consider error 6 as an I/O error.
  • Added the ability to move the computer client backup folder to the pool.
    Supports moving the folder to / from the pool, changing duplication and calculating folder size.
  • Fixed file deletion where if Windows decided not to delete a file after flagging it for deletion, the file was deleted anyway. This affected CD / DVD creation from files in the pool.

More details on StableBit DrivePool can be found here.

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