Add-In: Squeezebox Server for WHS 7.6.1

Squeezebox Server for Windows Home server has had an update.

Squeezebox Server My Music Home Picture

Version 7.6.1 fixes these issues for Squeezebox Server:


  • Unable to play tracks in Browse Music subfolders


  • Scanning of music library stops prematurely if player accesses music library during scanning
  • Tracks deleted still appear in music library after New and Changed scan
  • Extra spaces in track tags not ignored, resulting in multiple entries for same artist, etc. in music library
  • For Windows, pathnames such as C:\MUSIC and c:\music are not the same
  • Tracks in playlist folder not added to music library
  • iPeng app crash while scanner was running

Cover art:

  • Artwork created by Windows Media Player not found
  • Artwork not found if tracks are WMA format
  • No artwork with AIFF files
  • Same cover art for all artist albums with FLAC tracks
  • No artwork when using Mac OSX 10.4 on PPC


  • Unable to import or create mixes with MusicIP
  • Squeezebox Server restart sometimes required to view music library

A more detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this release can be found here, whilst this download can be found here.

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  1. Jan Bekaert says:

    I’m about to purchase a WHS 2011 box. I’m just curious if the latest release of the Squeezebox Server Add-In will work fine on it. Can somebody please confirm?

    Btw: shouldn’t the tiltle of this article be “Squeezebox Server 7.6.1 for WHS 2011”?

    Kind Regards,
    Jan Bekaert

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