Add-In: MonStor Released

MonStor the Storage Management Add In for both WHS2011 and WSS2008R2 is now available from Tranquil PC.

MonStor Released from Tranquil PC

Since that decision Tranquil engineers have been working closely with Division-M to optimise the WHS2011 Add In, on the Leo HS4 and Leo SS4 Servers.  There have been many ups as well as downs, as the software / service was put through it’s paces.

It had to be simple, effective, reliable, scalable and most importantly recoverable after a catastrophic system failure.  During 1000’s of hours of testing, and 1000’s of TBs of data transfers any undesirable issues were discovered and fixed.

MonStor now is ready, with recognition to Division-M and Tranquil engineers – a very big thank you.

The very simple ability to create a storage pool, with mismatch capacity hard disks, including 3TB disks, is really amazing.  The fast and effective way that MonStor balances the data across disks is equally impressive.

Monstor will be supplied supplied with all Leo HS4, Leo SS4, T2iWHS, SQA-5H and T7 2011 Servers or you can order just the Add In for your own home build WHS2011 for £29.95

So to learn more there is a great guide on how to setup, and how to ensure that even after a total system failure, you can still recover your WHS2011 Server, and all of your data.

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  1. Ed says:

    I’m not sure how responsible it is of Tranquil to be selling beta software to manage users data !!!!

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