Add-In: Drive Bender

Version of the Drive Extender replacement add-in Drive Bender has just been released.

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This version is safe to install directly over the top of any previous version, and includes the following changes:

  • Update: Smooth Streaming now has much improved performance while using less RAM.
  • Bug fix: Smooth Stream memory leak has been rectified.
  • Update: New MSI installers for all versions of Windows. These will automatically upgrade from the previous non MSI installer and also clean up legacy beta code.
  • Bug fix: Fix a bug with directory enumeration which could crash the service, or report incomplete enumeration under heavy load.
  • Update: Directory enumeration is much more responsive and uses much less RAM.
  • Update: The file health monitor now checks for "empty" duplicates.
  • Update: Windows mount points for the individual pooled drives (i.e. via "…\System\Mounts") are no longer available by default, and must be explicitly enabled via the options.

You can download version 1.1.78 released the 31st August from here.

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