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Drive Bender brings us even closer to RC1 with the release of version

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Lots of cool stuff in this beta release for 2011-08-18:

  • Update: Applying file security and / or file attributes to a file in a folder marked for duplicate, will also apply those same security / attribute setting to the duplicated file.
  • Update: Much improved start up performance.
  • Update: Smooth Streaming is now file type sensitive, and when enabled, will only kick in for common audio and video files.
  • Update: Drive Bender core driver updated.
  • Bug fix: Exception from either the Manager or WHS add-in no longer occurs if the Drive Bender server is still starting when these clients start.
  • Update: Implementation of the Windows Server Health system (important Drive Bender events are now flagged with server alerts).

More information on Drive Bender can be found here.

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