Add-In: CloudBerry Backup for WHS 2.3

CloudBerry Backup for WHS has a new version available which incorporates block level backup functionality for large files.

With the release of version 2.3 this added functionality will back up only the modified blocks of the files to the cloud storage making the overall backup process faster and more efficient.  Block Level Backup is useful if you want to copy large files such as SQL Server Backup files, MS Exchange Database, Outlook PST files and virtual machine images.

To use Block Level Backup you should choose the Simple Mode in the Backup Wizard. Also, check Use differential copy checkbox.

CloudBerry Backup for WHS 2.3

The beauty of the CloudBerry Backup implementation is that you can access the files with any other tools and CloudBerry Backup is the only client program available on the market that doesn’t require any additional server software to process the modified blocks.

Limitation: there is one important limitation though. You can only use block level backup feature for the files > 5 GB. This is the current limitation of Amazon S3 copy API. Once this limitation is removed on the Amazon side CloudBerry Backup will automatically support smaller files.

Note: Block Level Backup currently in BETA and we don’t recommend using it for production purposes yet.

Note: If you use block level backup encryption and versioning functionality is not available. In the future we are also going to add the block level functionality to the advanced mode.

CloudBerry Labs have also stated that they are currently working on adding the block level functionality to the advanced mode that will not have a file size limitation and this functionality is expected to come out by the end of August 2011.

More details on CloudBerry Backup for WHS is available from here.

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