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Thanks to our eager eyed readers for spotting even more great deals for those of thinking of purchasing a copy of Windows Home Server 2011.

Newegg.com currently have it available for $59.99 which includes $10 off with promo code MSSERV10 which ends ends 7/22. In the UK CCL have it available for £37.44 inc VAT and both suppliers offer free delivery too.

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  1. Subserverant says:

    Thats it, I’m buying mine today, maybe two. I spent $160.00, on V1 and have found WHS to be very useful. I was not intending to buy WHS 2011, but for $49.00, its worth it. Microsoft is making very little on this if anything, if you consider all the future updating. I cannot help but think this is the end of WHS. Oh well, this should last me for 10 years, before we all go to the cloud.

  2. Subserverant says:

    Also, the promo code is in addition to the discount. I bought one for $49.99. It would not allow me to buy two for $49.99 with the promo code. Guess you need separate accounts if you want more for $49.99. Good price, will hang on to it until this fall and switch over, when I have more inside time.

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