ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery Software

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is an ideal program to use if you are using a RAID array on Windows Home Server 2011 and your RAID array goes belly up.

The free software (with no adware, spyware or toolbars) is very simple to use and works with both RAID 0 (including RAID 0+1 and 1+0) and RAID 5 (including RAID 5E, and RAID 5 with delayed parity) arrays and also includes experimental support for  RAID 6.

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery recovers the following RAID parameters:

  • Start offset and block size,
  • Number of member disks,
  • Member disks and data order,
  • Parity position and rotation,

And once these parameters are recovered, you can:

  • Run ReclaiMe data recovery software to recover data from the array;
  • Create the array image file;
  • Write the array to disk;
  • Save layout to the XML file;
  • Get the instructions and recover data using other data recovery software.

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery is a great piece of software which will work with internal and external hard drives, disk image files and both hardware and software RAID.

More details are available from here.

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  1. Mike says:

    ReclaiMe FREE RAID Recovery scanned and found the files on my failed raid disks, which work well. Unfortunately, every option I tried required me to buy some level of their software before it would actually recover that lost data. It seems that the use of the word FREE in both the name and their claim is a bit more than misleading!

    • ReclaiMe says:

      You can write a copy of array to a single hard drive, or to a working RAID array, if you have enough spare capacity. In most cases, the data will be readily accessible after a reboot. Some cases still require a follow-up MBR reconstruction (done with e.g. free TestDisk).

      You can create a disk image and then mount it into Linux if you have enough spare capacity and skill to handle Linux.

      For a RAID 0, you can try to reconstruct the controller config based on the recovered data. With other RAID types, don’t try that. Also, make sure not to initialize (i.e. zero-fill) the array.

      All the above are free options.

      If you have some other data recovery software, we might have a transfer instructions on how to feed the RAID configuration into that other data recovery software. This option is available for several well-known data recovery tools, like R-Studio or ZAR.

      The above might still be free if you happen to own one of the licenses already (although not likely).

      And finally the paid option is to pay for our ReclaiMe data recovery software and have the RAID configuration transferred to it. This allows file-by-file recovery should the need be, and requires less capacity (you only need the capacity to store the files you need).

      Hopefully all this clarifies free vs. paid question.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thats not good. Thanks for informing us.

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