Add-In: Squeezebox Server for Windows Home Server 7.6.0

Squeezebox Server for Windows Home Server from Logitech has been updated to version 7.6.0

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This add-in allows you to listen to your personal music collection on a Squeezebox in any room in your home and this latest update includes a lot of changes:

  • Firmware updates:
    • Boom – Version 57
      Squeezebox 2/3 – Version 137
      Transporter – Version 87
      Receiver – Version 77
      • #3932 – (Transporter) Discrete IR codes for power_on, power_off and digital_inputs
      • #4682 – Send WOL while in connecting state and receiving discrete power_on IR code
      • #12319 – (Boom) Change RTC alarm time to 1 hour (was 1 minute)
      • #15693 – (Transporter) Fix for spurious AC voltage readings
      • #16442 – (Transporter) audr command to change the AK4396 rolloff filter
      • (Boom) Discrete IR codes for power_on, power_off and line_in
      • Support for output_channels flags, to output only left or right channel, useful with synced Booms.
      • Fixed DNS client handling when server returns multiple A records for MySB.
      • Fixed a bug with text scrolling in scroll-once mode.
      • Added support for new Rhapsody SSL certificate.
  • New Services:
    • Support for Orange Liveradio (all countries).
  • New Features:
    • Transcoding is now supported when requesting an HTTP download (/music/[id]/download[.extension]).
    • The default database is now SQLite. MySQL can still be used using ones own installation.
    • Native decoding for WMA Pro (#13324) and WMA Lossless (#13323) has been added to Radio and Touch.
    • Cue sheet support has been improved. The following formats will currently work with cue sheets, including seeking:
      • FLAC (native)
      • Ogg Vorbis (native)
      • MP3 (native)
      • MPEG-4 AAC (native and transcoded)
      • MPEG-4 ALAC (native and transcoded)
      • WAV/AIFF (native and transcoded)
      • WMA (native)
      • WavPack (transcoded)
    • MP3 cue sheet tracks are now played without gaps. A full rescan is required and scan time will be slower for these tracks.
    • Harmony remote integration: Discrete IR codes to play presets 1-6.
    • Transporter: DAC roll-off filter can now be toggled between sharp and slow.
    • A database memory option has been added to the Advanced -> Performance settings page to allow the database to use more memory.
    • Add original track filename to download url on trackinfo page (#16424)
  • Other Major Changes:
    • Major Rewrite of Library Browser
      • A single core implementation supports WebUI, ip3k Player-UI (Boom, Transporter, Classic, SliMP3), SqueezePlay UI (Touch, Radio, Controller).
      • Features generally much more consistent across the different user interfaces.
      • Access to some features changed and some other features may behave differently or be unavailable:
        • Playlist tracks listing includes artwork in Web and SqueezePlay UIs.
        • Add-as-favorite and Delete-playlist items from SqueezePlay playlist tracks listing moved to playlist context menu (More).
        • VBR_SCALE, BITRATE, TAGSIZE, VOLUME (volume name), PATH, FILE and EXT substitution items no longer available for title format configuration (see Settings/Interface/Title Format and Settings/Player/player/Basic Settings/Title Format in the Web UI).
        • XML Web-UI skin removed. Use CLI or JSON/RPC instead.
        • Fishbone, Handheld, Nokia770, ScreenReader and Touch skins removed. Only Default and Classic remain supported.
        • When used in the context of browse music folder, the cli command `playlistcontrol cmd:load folder_id:<id> will only load the audio files that are contained in that directory, and will not load audio files from subdirectories within that directory. This was for support of fixing bug 17199. This represents a change in behavior with this command from previous versions of SBS.
      • API for plugin developers to modify browsing experience (see BrowseLibrary.pm for documentation).
    • The CLI serverstatus lastscan field has been changed to more correctly report the timestamp of the last time the database was changed by the scanner.
    • The CLI charset tagged parameter has been removed from all commands that supported it. All input and output is now in UTF-8 (#16834).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • #2735 – Add pagebar functionality to the CLI
    • #3161 – Need more aggressive auto-retry for internet radio
    • #5207 – I18n: Corrupt chars in Favorites
    • #6754 – Umlauts/accented characters don’t show on player when browsing music folder
    • #7836 – Can’t browse all albums by a following a track artist link
    • #8388 – Bug 8388 – Controller showing different input than what appears on SC
    • #8808 – Support transcoding on download URLs
    • #8877 – MP3 cue sheets are not gapless
    • #9947 – home.html is loaded several times when web UI is opened
    • #9897 – Directory Scan misses out on Files and Folders containing accented Characters
    • #10199 – Most transcoding doesn’t work with non-ascii-characters in filename
    • #10324 – No longer merge artists or genres that differ only in accents, for example Bjork and Björk
    • #10805 – FF/REW (scanning) broken within .cue files (not FLAC)
    • #11950 – Support FLAC CUE sheets without transcoding
    • #13153 – Both web interface and squeezebox "hang" when one browses folders containing non-ascii chars
    • #13284 – Composer in artist list, while not chosen in SC
    • #14117 – Sync streaming can consume lots of memory when one player connection slow
    • #14825 – Allow multiple stream.mp3 streams from the same IP address by specifying ?player=id_string
    • #14641 – Cannot playback doublebyte files from Favourites
    • #14662 – Playing a specific track while track shuffle is enabled will play another track
    • #14723 – Genre>Various Artists>Play All. Creates the same playlist whatever genre is chosen.
    • #14823 – variousArtistsString & libraryname prefs don’t handle non-latin characters correctly
    • #14951 – Unicode search in Web UI broken
    • #14971 – Default My Music browse menus can no longer be overridden/removed
    • #15053 – #slim:noscan=1 makes a stream not playable
    • #15068 – Tracks without ALBUM tags not in browse menus
    • #15180 – Genres with only VA artist are ‘Empty’
    • #15304 – "Play Other Songs In Album" doesn’t work for "All Songs" of an artist
    • #15460 – Track with Extended ASCII in directory name fails to appear in Browse Music Folder
    • #15553 – Album missing on Squeezebox Radio (album artist or composer but no artist)
    • #15799 – When M3U playlists are written unicode characters in filenames are mangled
    • #15821 – Network interruption would leave "sticky" "File not found" message
    • #15826 – Need volume up / down events to be sent to SC even if at min or max
    • #15882 – Non-ASCII character in device name incorrectly displays in TinySC library name
    • #15868 – While playing songs from the USB if I switch between the songs the old song title re-appears for several seconds
    • #15887 – Mac: Account tab shows NULL in email field, w/ password
    • #15949 – Adding >100 tracks from remote source (OMPL) makes blank entries in NP on SP and WebUI
    • #16138 – Query error
    • #16154 – If an internet radio stream fails, you can’t replay the stream without first playing another stream.
    • #16191 – ALAC Songs being cutoff before they end
    • #16233 – mp3 stream with Xing header is handled wrong when proxied
    • #16275 – SB Touch: Rebuffering on 1st track
    • #16280 – SB Touch: Fix ambient light calculation.
    • #16308 – All MySqueezebox apps ignore Shuffle setting.
    • #16332 – SB Touch: Disable proximity LEDs after startup.
    • #16337 – Album Sort Method is not applied when browsing artists.
    • #16365 – SB Touch / Radio: Reduce ambient light sensor polling.
    • #16442 – Choice of Transporter roll-off filter
    • #16443 – URL to repositories page has changed
    • #16459 – Scan progress time display showing negative seconds
    • #16466 – Can’t browse via composer in 7.6.0 on Touch
    • #16495 – Now Playing ‘expand’ function is broken
    • #16620 – Added ‘F’ option to new artwork resizing
    • #16662 – Incorrect UTF8 encoding returned by CLI
    • #16683 – Non-ASCII characters in file and directory names
    • #16686 – Alarm Time timeControl has 0 width on webUI when adding alarms
    • #16690 – Inconsistent capitalization of ‘Now Playing’
    • #16708 – Internet Radio Search doesn’t work in non-Default skins
    • #16814 – No artwork when using UNC audio path
    • #16992 – AudioScrobbler plugin repeatedly writes prefs file preventing disk spindown
    • #16791 – No tracks listed on compilation albums with an ‘Album Artist’ tag, but without a ‘Compilation’ tag, when browsing the artists menu using SB Controller (or iPeng)
    • #17073 – Playlist edit drag-and-drop only works for first page
    • #17173 – Random scanner crashes, especially on Windows.
    • #17199 – Add support for a cli command to play an entire album worth of tracks, beginning at track X
    • #17205 – Accented characters not correctly sorted in pagebar
    • #17309 – Fedora 14/OpenSUSE 11.4 and other newer Linux distros are broken
    • SB Radio: Fixed hostname
    • SB Controller, Radio, Touch: Updated busybox to 1.16.2

Logitech Squeezebox Server for Windows Home Server can be downloaded from here.

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