Add-In: Home Server Status 1.04

The add-in Home Server Status has been updated to version 1.04

Hers the change log for this latest release:

1. Rewrote the entire connectivity and backup checkers. I am now using an even better multi-threading routine than before. This makes the application very responsive and just plain faster.

2. Icons added, by user request, to the context menu when using WHSv1 classic tray icons.

3. Once again, I have changed the settings interface. I was looking for something and just hadn’t found the right spot yet.

Home Server Status 1.04

4. The installer is a little better, detects previous version, will uninstall previous for you, and allow you to start application at end.

5. I replaced in-app settings with registry settings. I got tired of being told this is my first time running the application. However, you will get this message when running v1.04 for the first time, and not after that.

The developer has stated that he will be adding the following features in later releases:

  • Backup Progress – Something that is actually a little more difficult since Microsoft chose to remove the facility all-together. I must say, I really miss my WHSv1!!
  • Looking at adding the ability to add your own Jumplist / Context menu items, for those who wish to add a little more to there menu.

You can download this release directly from here.

That’s it for now, unless you guys have some suggestions?

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