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Mailbag 17th May 2011

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HP Health Indicator

Ed Asks:

The health indicator light on my server is red. I pressed and released the Status/Recovery button, and the light remained a solid red. Both my computers back up properly and my data is easily accessible. So, what’s up with the red light? How do I get rid of it?

You don’t mention the status of your drives, it sounds to me like you may have a failing hard drive. Try opening the WHS console and check the status of your hard drives, it could be that one is failing and needs replacing. It could also be attributed to the health of one of your shares, again open the WHS console, and check that the health of each of your shares is ok. Although each of the shares may be accessible, this doesn’t mean they are in good health, it could be the sign of a failing file system, if this is the case try doing a repair on the drives.

HP Media Smart White Health Indicator

Anonymous Asks:

I have an EX485 Media Smart Home Server. Yesterday, I noticed it was powered on, but none of the hard drive lights were on and the health indicator light looks more white than usual.

It is not accessible over the network, nor is it accessing the internet. My web monitoring logs indicate it was last online at 12:57 AM last Sunday morning.

A simple press of the power button did not cause it to shut down gracefully so I forced it to shut down. Upon restart, it just sits there and the power and network lights are solid blue, but the health indicator light is kind of white but solid. I tried to check the health indicator codes with a paper clip, but nothing flashes.

I powered it down, removed the system drive (Seagate 7200.11) and connected via a USB enclosure. Didn’t respond at first, but on the third try it did and I ran CHKDSK on it. Cleaned up some minor things, but did not react differently when connected to back to server.

Unfortunately this sounds like a failing/failed motherboard, it is difficult to fully diagnose without further testing and a monitor. I would try a static discharge, just in case there is a static build up in the machine, try removing any peripherals and power cable, keep your finger on the power button for around 10 – 20 seconds, then plug the power cable back in and turn on the server. If this works then dust is usually the biggest cause of this.

I know I haven’t been able to answer everyone’s questions, so those that haven’t been answered why not post them in the forum.

Have a question or problem?
I can’t guarantee an answer, but I’ll try. Click “
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