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Mailbag 31st May 2011

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Aron Asks:

Well, so far, so good with my experience with WHSv1… but I’m having some serious add-in withdrawal! Mainly Jones-ing for Web Folders 4 WHS. What an excellent add-in that was. I can’t wait till a version for WHS 2011 is released.

As a road-warrior, of sorts, I always need to: a) work on files that are back at the office; b) keep my local files and the files back at the office sync’d.

Dropbox sort of works for this, but because everything has to be in the Dropbox folder, it is not realistic or practical in the real world where files in different projects are all over the place… which is where WF4WHS came in handy. It was easy to set up and use. Just a snap (un-like setting up a VPN!!!), and allowed me to use my sync/backup software to keep everything running smoothly via WebDAV.

So, finally, to my question; I am having a great deal of difficulty finding out how to setup/configure the native WebDAV in WHS 2011. Do you, or your readers, have any links to this bit of undocumented information?

I completely agree Web Folders 4 WHS really is a god send, and I myself can’t wait for the new version to arrive. However WebDAV is a very good utility if setup correctly and is extremely useful, unfortunately the only guide I have is the standard documentation, which I think is very technical for most users. I am going to through this one out to all our readers and see if they maybe have a better guide for install and configuration.

So if anyone does have any suggestions please let us know via the comments at the bottom or leave a message in the forum.

David Asks:

I recently installed the WHS 2011 Release Candidate. When I set it up, I gave it a temporary name. Now I would like to rename the server, but at the Sytem Properties | Computer Name dialog, the Change… button is greyed out. Under the Change… button there is the following:

Note: the identification of the computer cannot be changed because: – The Certification Authority Service is installed on this computer.

Is there a way to change the server name?

I would like to change the workgroup name as well, though I read that the server ignores workgroups (why leave it in, if it isn’t used?).

Unfortunately this is something that cannot be changed once set during the install of WHS 2011; I believe this should be highlighted more clearly during the install, I am sure that in time someone will come up with a way of making the change as in theory there is no real reason as to why it can’t be change other than certificate services will be affected, however that is something that could be easily overcome.

I know I haven’t been able to answer everyone’s questions, so those that haven’t been answered why not post them in the forum.

Have a question or problem?
I can’t guarantee an answer, but I’ll try. Click “
ask a question” above!

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Matthew Glover

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  1. Andrew Edney says:

    I wrote a how to guide to changing the workgroup name :


    the process for changing the server name should be the same


  2. Zachary Soard says:

    I have never heard of WF4WHS! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you.

    However, can you please go into a little detail on how webdav is used for syncing and back up…or at least point me in the right direction

    Thanks in advance

  3. John Underwood says:

    I too would like to change the Workgroup name. I could solve this by changing the names on all my computers and network storage devices but then there would be problems when I VPN into someone else’s network.

    I did change the name of the server in the installation wizard. That has interesting repercussions. After one of the several restarts that take place during the installation, an error message appears that says: ‘”Server” can’t be found’ (or words to that effect). The wizard, having taken the new name and passed it to the installer running on the server, has now tried to connect to the old name. (Although the server does not yet appear as a computer on the PC’s network list, there is at least one other device which does appear with the new name).

    If you are installing on a computer or happen to have a spare monitor and cable lying around (as in every home of a typical home user for whom the home server is designed) then you can watch progress on that. If not you are faced with watching the error message while nothing happens on the server until, about 40-60 minutes later it bursts into life. You then can read the instruction to log in to the server http://newservername/connect which would have appeared on your PC screen if the PC were in contact with the server.

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