Add-In: WHS Phone for Android 1.3

WHS Phone for Android has just been updated to version 1.3

This latest version has been completely rewritten so there is no more "swiping" of the home screens, instead there are buttons and tabs. The developer has also stated that this rewrite has led to vast performance improvements.

WHS for Android 1.3 Home Screen WHS for Android 1.3 Photo Upload

Highlights include:

  • Completely new UI with tabs instead of "swipe"
  • Streamlined Photo browsing a little
  • Cleaned up the Audio Playback a little
  • Added option to Shutdown/Restart Server from the phone
  • Added full search of shares (uses windows search)
  • Added photo upload from the Photo Gallery and/or SD card
  • Ability to download ANY file to your phone
  • Added the ability to add/delete/modify users
  • Added ability to add/delete shares
  • Video Streaming (.mp4 and .3gp only)
  • Updated translations and added Danish

WHS for Android 1.3 Restart-Shutdown Server WHS for Android 1.3 Search

After installing version 1.3 of WHS Phone for Android you must also update to version 1.3 of the add-in for WHS v1 too- Support for WHS2011 will be coming soon.

WHS Phone for Android is available in the Android Market for $4.99 whilst a trial version is also available.

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