The Acer RevoCenter for WHS2011

Acer have details up on their website of the RevoCenter, which is their new piece of hardware for WHS2011.

Acer RevoCenter

Available in 2 configurations, the black RevoCenter weighs in at less than 10ibs and off course comes complete with WHS2011. Both configurations come with 2GB of DDR2 memory, gigabit LAN, 5 USB, eSATA and 1 PCIe x1 which are powered by the Intel ICH9R Express chipset.

Acer RevoCenter Front

The AH341-U1T2H model priced at $399.99 has one 1TB hard drive in one of the four 3.5" bays and a Intel Atom D410 Processor (1.66GHz, 512KB L2 cache). Whilst the AH342-U2T2H at $499.99 has one 2TB hard drive in one of its 4 bays and a Intel Atom D510 Processor (1.66GHz, 1MB L2 cache) processor.

Acer RevoCenter Back

Both units come with a six-month trial to McAfee Total Protection Service, have the one-touch USB backup button and a 1-year limited warranty as did the Acer Aspire easyStore.

Acer RevoCenter Open

The Acer RevoCente should be available very soon, and very nice it looks too, just like its WHS v1 brother the Acer Aspire easyStore.

More details are available from Acer.

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  1. phil says:

    from the link you provided to Acer it states…

    “Enlarge your digital library by adding internal or external hard disk drives. The hot-swap capability is a no-hassle approach to increasing storage space, and Windows® Home Server Drive Extender simplifies drive management by consolidating all hard drive letters into one single letter.”

    Drive Extender?
    Is this right?

  2. Hi Phil,
    No it’s not right at all. The RevoCenter comes with WHS2011 and so no Drive Extender.
    Someone needs to update their information 🙂

  3. TypoFixer says:

    For those that are unfamiliar with alternate weight measurements:
    10 ibs are approximately 4.54 kg which are approximately equal to 10 lbs. In other words, the conversion rate from ibs to lbs is almost exactly 1:1. 🙂

  4. Juan says:

    Well, I wish I’d seen this earlier. I just purchased one yesterday because it said drive extender. I figured it had the old version of Home Server on it.

    • Juan says:

      Apparently, I didn’t order one. I followed the link on acer’s site for “Where to buy” and it directed me to newegg, however it sent me to the old version. Which is fine, since I wanted the old version and the hardware specs appear to be the same. Just thought I’d warn people since it’s easy to miss this.

  5. Bob Crook says:

    Do purchase an extended warranty. If repair is required I have found Acer to be very fast in handling the issue BUT if you have to send your Acer for repair then you will lose all data. Use Cloud backup.

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