Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on WHS2011

Tom Ziegmann from Tom On Tech.com has published a great how to guide on how to install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows home Server 2011.

Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010

It’s finally here! I’m releasing the first draft of my Sharepoint on Windows Home Server 2011 guide. Compared to all the steps that had to be taken on Windows Home Server v1, the install experience is vastly improved and with SharePoint 2010, the feature set enhanced.

The 19 page guide can be viewed or downloaded from the Scribd website.

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  1. Robert says:

    Is this a better method than this one?


    They seem to use different methods of installing the SQL server. Does it matter?

  2. Tom Z. says:

    Robert – The difference between that method and mine is that by performing a standalone install, the SQL data gets stored on the system partition. By design, the system partition is not that large. If you use SharePoint a lot you could end up in a situation where your system partition is full, and you have to deal with the headache of moving the data. With my document, the entire install is customziable and that includes placing the SQL data on a separate drive that will have more room for the database to grow.

  3. Hi there! You’re right, relocating SharePoint databases is always a good practices. However, you can still do it after installation and in the case of WHS 2011 and its 160GB of minimal disk size requirements, you should not worry about sharepoint saturating your C: drive.

  4. EvilHomerClone says:

    What are the chances of getting this to be visible to the outside world?? Back in WHS v1 i followed a tutorial on how to make your WHS server a wordpress server and was able to access it from the outside.. Any chance of having a similar configuration for Sharepoint?

  5. Aviv says:

    I successfully followed your installation guide up through the creation of the SharePoint database using the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. After entering the passphrase and pressing “Enter,” I did NOT receive an error message. The cursor simply appeared on the line below. However, I could not enter any further commands, as the precursor “PS C:\Users\Administrator>” did not appear. I tried reopening the power shell to recreate the database, but was alerted that the database was already in existence. I then continued to follow the steps of the installation guide by running the SharePoint Configuration Wizard. The Wizard did Not automatically recognized the database I attempted to create through the power shell. When I tried to manually configure the Database settings, I received an error message stating “The specified user SharePointAdmin is a local account. Local accounts should only be used in stand alone mode.”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Mike says:

    Thank you very much for this guide. Even with my last WHS (V1) I’ve installed the Sharepoint Service. Now I followed your instructions and forwarded the port (which I’ve set during the install-procedure) to the server. But now it isn’t possible to access the sharepoint site through the URL http://xxxxxxx.homeserver.com:111 Within my homenetwork it works fine //servername:111
    I remember that i had to configure the xxx.homeserver.com somewhere in sharepoint administration. Do you know how to set up this external access? Is it a windows-firewall-problem?

    thank you very much in advance.

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