iTunes on WHS and Stream Stutter Free

Today we would like to bring to your attention 2 posts from our friends at MediaSmartServer.net

The first is from a forum thread on installing iTunes version 10 onto Windows Home server. The post you want is the 5th one down by “firefuze” who explains via a 5 step process, which is simple to follow and n00b proof, which you can find here.

iTunesControl Configeration

The second is a guide on how to shut off Demigrator.exe in Windows Home Server, which may be necessary to avoid stutter when streaming media from WHS on a budget Home Server build. By using Windows built in Task Scheduler is is easy to set up a scheduled task for the Demigrator service to be turned off during your viewing hours and back on at other times, therefore no more stuttering.

Scheduled Task Wizard

It’s a great read which you can find here.

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