Add-In: Remote Alert 1.5

As we informed you about earlier this week, the add-in Remote Alert version 1.5 is now available for download.

Remote Alert provides remote access notification, additional security layers and remote access activity logging.

Remote Alert 1.5 Network Activity


  • Real time logon activity status (successful / failed) alerts
  • Real time network activity traffic monitor
  • Real time connected session and resources overview
  • Remote access activity history overview (basic client info: IP address & browser type)
  • IP Security for IP address or entire network range blacklisting
  • Powerful brute-force protection (cannot be fooled via proxies & suspends remote access but does not kill any legit sessions)
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack and ARP poisoning detection
  • Remote access availability scheduler (i.e. suspend remote access during nighttime, does not affect HP Webshare or additional websites)
  • Smart IIS Web logs parser
  • Build-in self-checking update notification

You can download version 1.5 from here.

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  1. Alexander Kent says:

    Thank you Phil, and for sending us eager folks to help us test and improve the add-in.

  2. Daniel Peters says:

    I am trying to install this on Windows Home Server 2011. I’ve installed it but when I open up my Dasboard, nothing is showing up. Am I missing something?

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