1TB Platters for Hard Drives

Samsung is to release a new series of its Spinpoint hard drive which manages 1TB per platter.

Currently, companies can only produce 3TB 3.5-inch hard drives, with each platter being 750MB. Now that Samsung has found a way to build 1TB platters for hard drives, the company is poised to release a 4TB Spinpont EcoGreen series hard drive with 4 1TB platters spinning at 5400 RPM with a 32MB cache and 6Gbps SATA compatibility.

Samsung Spinpoint

Samsung has stated that this breakthrough would also allow for 10TB drives with some more modification, though this wouldn’t happen for a while yet and off course the arrival of 4TB drives would lower the prices of the currently available 3TB drives.

From German newspaper Heise Online.

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