WHS2011 – The Video Collection

If like me you prefer to watch instead of reading about Windows Home Server 2011 then we have some great videos for you, 11 to be exact which should keep you busy for a while

First up here is a video of “almost” everything that is “click-able” in Windows Home Server 2011 courtesy of the Home Server Show .  It shows you the user setup, shares, and hard drives:


The following 10 vids come from our friends at UsingWindowsHomeserver.com

The Basics


  • The Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard


Stuff You Should Learn

More Advanced Stuff

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  1. Scott says:

    Good article, but even in video form Vail has missed the mark for its initial target of home users.

    This release of home server had the oppourtunity to be the center piece of microsoft entertainment/home automation/security in the home market strategy. No media centre/tuner features, DE removed, at least 3 different “media streaming” options (including a web browser,upnp,file share).

    To employ the microsoft approach in the home you have to be an IT wizard, unlike its contemporary competition.

    Perhaps our efforts should be put into influencing/understanding the next release (if the market share hasnt plumetted by then).

    Some simple things drive my home experience.

    When i run out of disk I want to be able to add more, without an IT degree.

    I want to be able to record my tv programs without needing 2 pcs running all the time.

    I want my xbox/pc/windows media player/media centre to all play nicely together so if I buy a movie from the zune system i can watch on my phone, my, my tv, my fridge, where ever).

    Disk is relatively in-expensive, my time isnt, I dont want to spend time “backing up” when there is technology to do it for me.

    So all the bells and whistles in the system havent really moved the product on. Its adding some “pretty”.

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