Add-In: Lights-Out 1.5.0 Beta

The add-in Lights-Out has a new beta version available.

Version 1.5.0 for both Windows Home Server 2011 and WHS V1 has numerous changes

For the  WHS2011, 1.5.0 build 1440 version , changes are:

  • Client actions – Computer tab has new client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot.
  • New Monitors – Two new monitors allow to watch shares and console session. Status display does now show active monitors in bold, dark blue font:
  • Added support for new move folder wizard

For WHS V1 the changes are:

  • Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot
  • Added share monitor
  • Added console session monitor
  • Added display of active monitors
  • Added day slider to uptime chart
  • Added display of scheduled backup times to computer tab
  • Fixed distorted status page when DPI setting of display has been changed to a nonstandard value or when big fonts have been used
  • Changed background and font colours to allow high contrast themes

Here are the download links:

For WHS V1: Documentation and Download

For WHS2011: Documentation and Download

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